All Eyes Up Here

We’ve all seen them and most of us have used them, baby mobiles. Pastels, geometric, monochromatic, beloved characters and the list goes on for what hangs above your child’s bed. Genevieve Gorder posted a picture on Facebook recently from Babiekins Magazine that got us thinking. Why not wallpaper the ceiling of your baby’s nursery for a modern take on the classic mobile?



Here are a few options that would be just the right touch on your nursery ceiling.

Geometric patterns in monochromatic color schemes have long been thought to stimulate early brain development and intelligence.

Image           Image          Image


Create the feeling of looking up at the sky. Night or day, wallpaper has you covered.

Image         Image           Image


Metallics can add a touch of sophistication to a nursery that doubles as a guest room.

Image              Image            Image


The possibilities are truly endless. With such a wide selection, your choice can seem overwhelming. Let us help! Give us a call at 877.316.9930 or email us at We can help you find the perfect wallpaper to finish your nursery.

How about you? Would you use wallpaper on your ceiling? In what room of your house would you add this designer’s touch?

*Wallpaper patterns in order of appearance: KW7521, 200034, DK5994, BZ9486, DK5811-1, NGJJ6834, 5006011, T14149, 41254522

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