Measure Twice, Order Once

Are you wanting to wallpaper a room in your home but aren’t sure how much to buy? Don’t let this easy step intimidate you. I promise, if I can measure, you can too!

keep calm

Let’s start with the basics:

  • In the US, most wallpaper is priced by the single roll but packaged in double roll bolts. When you are measuring, you are determining how many single rolls to order. For example, if you order 16 single rolls, you will receive 8 double roll bolts. If a manufacturer allows you to order in odd quantities, there will usually be a cut fee.
  • Always do your research and find out how the manufacturer is packaging their wallpaper. Just because you are buying from an American company doesn’t meant the wallpaper is coming from America.
  • Take note of the pattern repeat on the wallpaper you choose. A repeat over 20 inches may require extra wallpaper.

Time to measure:

  • Measure the width of each wall. Add the widths together.
  • Measure the height of the room. If you are only wallpapering above or below a chair rail, only measure the height where you are applying the paper.
  • Do not subtract for doors or windows. Wallpaper matches and repeats create waste and it is always better to have a little extra than not enough.

Get out your calculator:

  • Multiply the total widths by the height of the room. This is the square footage.
  • Divide the square footage by 24 for regular wallpaper and 30 for grasscloth. If the number has a fraction/decimal, round up to the nearest even, whole number. If the number is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This is the total number of single rolls you will need to order.
  • We choose to divide by 24 and 30 because it allows for pattern repeats and matches as well as the waste that will occur from working around doors and windows.

For example:

  • Width of walls: 10ft + 10ft + 10ft + 10ft = 40ft
  • Height of room: 10ft
  • 40 x 10 = 400
  • 400 / 24 = 16.66
  • You will want to purchase 18 single rolls.

I told you it was easy! Of course, if you are having a professional installer hang your wallpaper, having them measure for you is the easiest way to buy exactly what you need.

*This is only used as an estimate. At Mahone’s, we recommend having a professional installer measure your space for you before you purchase your wallpaper.


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