Adding a Wall Mural to Your Home

Wall murals are a creative home interior decorating tool that transforms the entire look of any room. Mural image choices range from simple repeating patterns to elaborate and exotic scenes. Although there are many to choose from, you need not feel intimated.

Wallpaper murals look fantastic in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery, kids’ bedroom, or practically anywhere you want to make a decorative statement on an otherwise plain wall. A staircase or entryway is also a great choice.

Your mural can also be an inexpensive solution to an architectural challenge in your living space. If your room is dark and the prospect of window or skylight installation or wall removal is not desirable or feasible, a wall mural can effectively meet this challenge for a fraction of the cost.

To help narrow the choices for your wall mural image, start by selecting your room. If you have a specific wall mural in mind, great! If not, look through the selection, and see what is pleasing to your eye.

Take into consideration your personal preferences and interests as well. You want your wall mural to have characteristics of things you love. If you are an avid gardener, for example, a mural with prominent displays of greenery and florals will work well in your room regardless of the season, as it is a reflection of your taste and personality.

If you love foreign travel, a photo mural depicting an exotic location may be just what you are looking for. If the product will be for your little one’s bedroom, you can enlist their help in your decision. Little girls often love animals and magical outdoor scenes while little boys may prefer animals and outer space. Plan carefully and have patience. You are sure to be rewarded with a room that delights and inspires for years.

You may decide that you want a wallpaper mural with a dominant color theme you enjoy. Muted purples and oranges can be found in sunset or daybreak scenes, for instance. Aqua and blues are prominent in ocean scenes. Brown, tan and khaki dominate woodland scenes. See what catches your eye color-wise and then further narrow your choices to patterns or themes would like to incorporate into your living space.

Have fun picking your wall mural image. Go to the public library and draw inspiration from pictures in photography, art, or children’s books. Childhood memories of a favorite place or time of year can also get your creative energies flowing. A once in a lifetime trip you took long ago can be captured forever in a similar photo mural image.

You can find inspiration practically anywhere, from free travel catalogs to a roadside scene that catches your eye while driving to work everyday. Enlarged reproductions of famous artworks are also popular, such as Andy Warhol and Vincent van Gogh inspirations.

Be creative with your design. Garden murals lush with flowers, ivy, baskets and butterflies are an easy way to brighten a kitchenette. Wall murals with faux brick, tile, or marble can dress up an entryway, fireplace, or staircase. An ocean scene mural of tropical fish, or a beach and palm trees can add whimsy to a bathroom. Murals that evoke scenes from a favorite fairy tale will help welcome a newborn.

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