Office Wallcoverings – Different Types of Wallpapers


A wall covering infuses a new life by strengthening, supporting and protecting the walls. Add style and panache to the interiors of your home or work with wall coverings. With clients visiting your office from time to time, ensure the walls look great all the time with wall coverings. The black and white wall paper designs are great if you desire a royal but elegant space all for yourself.

Bolta wallpapers are known worldwide for quality and innovation. If you’re aspiring for a modern yet traditional feel, Bolta is definitely the right choice for you. The top choices include Antoinette, Charmer, Cloverfield, Finesse, Ginkgo, Golden Field & Golden Sedge, Halo, Kimono, Li Ming & Li Ming Yang and Lunar Eclipse. It does not end here there are many other wall coverings designed that are simply adored by interior designers. Go ahead get a little creative choose any style for exquisite yet tasteful looking walls.

Wallcovering is cadmium-free and produced with 100% water-based inks. There is a multitude of colors, textures and patterns you can choose from. The Vicrtex range is affordable and can fit into every budget. You don’t need to spend much on interiors since the walls itself lightens up the room.

Genon wall coverings stand the test of time since they are durable and also beautiful. This range is perfect for all settings, especially in sectors such as healthcare or hospitality or retail. From bold fashion colors to quiet organic hues choose the style that suits your budget and needs.

Fabrics and designs by Guard are indeed unique. Their collection includes 18 stylish patterns. For a sophisticated and relaxed modern approach, consider high quality fabrics only. Guard wallpapers are great in terms of both quality and style.

Koroseal designs are bold and original. This range is an interior designer’s dream come true. The fabric looks great in a home as well as in an office atmosphere and exudes exuberant and classiness. Koroseal has initiated the Koroseal Wallcovering Reclamation Program to reclaim and recycle vinyl wall papers removed from interiors.

The Len-tex range is preferred and most suited for any commercial market segment. This range will make the background of any room more beautiful and attractive with stylized prints and subtle patterns.

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