Wallpaper: Home Decor That Speaks of Freshness!


Wallpaper wall murals are not new concepts by any means. In the bygone era, they continued to grace the walls of mansions and tall towers for hundreds of years. Now, they have made their presence felt at the domestic set ups as well. A wide variety of good quality wallpaper mural variants are easily available in the market. They simply differ from the traditional printed versions in terms of visual appeal.

They can be availed in €made to order’ versions or can be customized with images from personal collection. This version bears all the characteristics of personal tastes handsomely. It is a fact that mural versions come at a higher price than the traditional wallpapers but their superior quality supports their value.

Due to their large size, the mural wallpapers are available in panels. It forms the scenic beauty on the wall. Generally the mural graphics occupy entire section of a wall on one side of the room thus it ensures a gorgeous ambience inside the room. Photomural versions form the major share in the wallpaper mural category.

They are in reality enlargement of photographs but skilled hands turn these wallpapers into elements of artistic creativity. Since giant wallpaper on the wall consists of several smaller sections bound by narrow bands, these dividing bands should be removed to ensure a complete and seamless look to the entire graphical beauty.

Previously luxurious home decoration was the exclusive right of the wealthiest home owners as the price range kept the decorative elements out of the reach of general people. In those days, wallpaper murals used to contain hand-drawn images. Now, thanks to technological advancement, the cost involved in designing the wall murals wallpaper has gone down drastically than their previous versions.

As a consequence, a majority of the households are able to possess them. They are simply great accessories to deck up the rooms with personal taste. Be it a child’s room or sitting room, any place at home can be simply turned into a visual paradise with fine combination of beautiful room decoration and selected wallpapers.

However, it should be kept in mind that murals get their proper value only on wide walls. It is not that they cannot be customized for smaller walls but the optimum beauty can be achieved on large walls. So, you need to identify the room wall that will be covered by wall mural wallpaper. It can be either single wall or the four-wall enclosure. The only concern is area that the wall needs to be spacious enough to give space well-conceptualized wallpaper and maximize the visual appeal of the room.

Make sure that the wall mural image should be visible from any corner of the room to its fullest. Don’t place any furniture or other domestic appliance against the wall. Even if there is no other alternative but to place items there then make sure that the mural layout is visible over the top of the accessories. Wallpaper wall murals as well as vintage wallpaper both enjoy prominence at any domestic household where the homeowner wants to deck up the ambience with aesthetic appeal.

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