Wall Murals For DIY Home Decor


Brighten up your home’s walls with custom wall murals. If you are searching for the best mural ideas then scroll down below to know some popular choices of printed wall murals to decorate the walls of your home. Wall murals have the ability to completely dictate the mood of a room and can have brand impact on a massive scale.

If you want to beautify your home without any major alteration then you surely give a thought to wall decoration. Many people consider it a thoughtful investment when it comes to home interior decorating instead of using wallpapers.

With a beautiful wall-covering, you can easily change the existing theme of your home without hiring someone to do it for you. Using printed wall murals is one of the cost-effective ways to decorate your home without burning a hole in your pocket and any major alteration. Take home decoration to a new level.

The longest life is one the priceless advantage of using murals for decoration. These types of coverings are made of paper, which is impregnated with vinyl. Moreover, they are very easy to clean. A gentle wipe on it with a damp cloth once a week will keep your it new for years. Make sure that the wall is clean and flat before hanging the murals. It is advisable to fix all holes or dents (if any) with a mixture of spackling compound and sand. Remove all dust and dirt before you get started with the task of hanging the wall coverings.

If you are searching for the best mural ideas then scroll down below to know some popular choices of custom wall murals to decorate the walls of your home:

1-Printed murals: Add more interest to your home with graphics like contemporary, beach and tropical, city view, floral, landscape, nature, season. The list is endless.

2-Mural for Kids: You can also opt for wall mural for kids room themed on cartoon characters, animals, fairies, favorite rock star, butterflies, Disney, space, galaxy, sport, metropolitan, dolphins paradise and even aliens.

3-Vinyl murals: Enhance your home decor with peel and stick wall-coverings, which are easy to remove and reuse. Truly speaking, beautiful looking removable wallpapers bring you the highest degree of flexibility which allow you to change your home’s theme anytime.

4-Photo murals: It is one of the most popular and affordable ways to decorate your home interiors. You can use pictures of your family and loved ones to create customized artwork.

With technology at its peak, now you create your own custom murals online easily with Signgrafx. Simply upload the pictures from your desktop to get started with designing work. Customize your artwork, proceed to checkout, and get your order delivered at your doorstep.

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