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It’s amazing how much interest and popularity surround nursery murals. They are one of the most popular searched and researched types of wall murals because of the feeling and mood expecting parents want to create for their little bundle of joy.

More than just large paintings, wall murals allow you to create a magical backdrop for your baby’s room. It’s no secret how powerful visual stimuli is to the brain so it makes complete sense that expecting parents would want to create a nursery space that exudes love, tranquility, peacefulness, happiness and creativity.

Nursery wall murals have really grown in popularity over the last decade and it’s quite a business. Interior designers, retailers, professional muralists, parents and grandparents are all getting their piece of the nursery mural phenomenon because of the freedom of expression in creating the child’s room. Murals are a perfect fit for nursery d©cor needs because of their inherent amount of customization and personalization. I don’t know what it is about babies but people just go crazy about them, especially when it comes to decorating their nurseries!

Here are a few of the most popular themes for nursery murals I have encountered just in case you need a few ideas!

Sometimes I wonder if nursery wall murals are more for parents than infants especially when it’s 2 am and your new bundle of joy will not stop crying, you’re more than sleep deprived and possibly wondering how parenthood ever sounded like a good idea! Hopefully the scenery of a soothing, peaceful and tranquil nursery wall mural will help you hang on to that last bit of sanity of you have until morning when all of heaven’s mercies are new!

I hope this short article was helpful as you think, plan and dream about decorating your nursery. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer then good luck and make it tranquil as possible for those long, sleepless nights! If you’re interested in collaborating with a muralist please give me a call and we can talk figure out the perfect nursery wall mural for your little bundle of joy!

PS. I want to throw in a little tip that I have learned along the way of painting murals all these years. As it relates to nursery murals, you may want to think about choosing a nursery wall mural that will easily transition from infant to toddler years so you can get the most out of your mural value.

Redecorating gets expensive fast and I am all about value! Perhaps think about how you can use your nursery wall mural as a basic foundation and then accessorize it as baby transitions from infant to toddler stage. For instance, choose a nursery wall mural that features a view of the countryside and use decals for characters in your nursery mural to bring your theme into play. As baby transitions from one stage to the next, you can get new decals for a toddler look and feel.

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