Benefits of Using Grasscloth Wallpaper


Completing a room’s appearance comes down to how different elements work together thematically and visually. How the colors balance, how the textures work together, and whether things make sense together. Even if the colors balance, it will still look odd to have a room be half 1970s and half 1870s. Sometimes a room can just look flat because of how the walls were painted or covered. Paint has the wonderful advantage of flexibility and price range, and it’s also a very DIY-friendly option. But paint does have the disadvantage of being one-dimensional. Wallpaper is a bit more serious of an investment because of how hard it can be to remove. This is also true for grasscloth wallpaper, which can provide a very interesting texture and set of shading options, but it is a fairly significant investment.

If you’re looking into grasscloth wallpaper, you’re looking for the long term. Unlike with paint, if you don’t like it in six months, you can’t change it up with $100 worth of primer and paint. On the other hand, grasscloth wallpaper offers a textured and visually interesting look that would be impossible to replicate with paint. You have lots of options, as well, so you will want to take the time to carefully select what it will take to make your room perfect. There are tools to help with this. Most decorating companies will have images of their products online, some will show you a photo of just the fabric, while others will have an image of how a room looks with the fabric in it so you can get a better feel of whether the product is right for you. It’s an investment if you want to make a room look right, so it’s worth spending the time to sort down to a few top contenders via the Internet. Once you’ve made the decision that fits your style and budget best, you can go to a showroom and look at the product in person. This way, you’re walking in as an informed customer, and both you and the sales people can work well together to find exactly the right product to fit your ideas and requirements.

If you know what you want your grasscloth wallpaper for, where it’s going to be used, and have made a list of your top choices, store staff might help you to better understand what your options are or even recommend something you didn’t see or think of that would look or work even better. Grasscloth wallpaper isn’t for every room, but in the right room, it can add that final dimension of color and texture that makes the room a complete work.

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