Paintable Wallpaper: Advantages That Set Them Apart


Wallpaper is the go-to material to add style and luxury to a room. But for an added layer of depth, paintable wallpaper is the choice of professional designers.

With paintable wallpaper, the texture of the paper brings a new level of luxury and feel to the decor. And because the thick paper is designed to be painted and primed, the final finish can match any decor in your home.

Unique among the many different styles of wallcoverings, the textured paper is more versatile than any other because of the thousands of textures and patterns available. The option of painting it any color you wish makes the product far more superior than paint alone.

Paintable wallpaper is also the perfect DIY project. Thicker than traditional wallpaper, it is easier to work with. It applies easily and is repositionable so that you can align the repeating patterns before the adhesive dries to the surface of the wall. And the painting process is as simple as painting a bare wall. Adding primer is optional; the final look of the paint will change a bit with primer. For a glossier look, skip the primer. A layer of primer provides a flatter final look for most glossy paints.

Paintable wallpaper can also be applied to the ceiling. The fashionable look mimics the luxury of the old stamped tin ceilings from the 19th century, a luxury look if ever there was one.

It can also be used in the lower part of the room, as a more cost effective alternative to traditional wainscoting. Simply apply the textured paper below the chair rail along the wall. The beautiful part of this effect is not only the money you’ll save from traditional wainscoting materials, but for the various looks you can achieve. With so many styles to choose from, the paper provides more options than were previously available with wood. Plus, the wallpaper is easier to apply, more resistant to scratches and easier to repair or replace if needed. Also, if you wanted to update the decor of the room you can easily remove the paper and hang a different style in its place.

Paintable wallpaper is one of the most versatile and beautiful products you can use to improve the decor in your home. It provides a look of luxury and professional style, yet is cost effective and easy to apply on your own. The secret weapon of many professional designers, it is also the choice of do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

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