Steps to Choosing the Right Wallcovering


OK, you are tired of the same old paint: the room looks “blah”, or you want to add some texture; you want to give a feel of luxury or you want a new theme. Whatever the case is, you have “no clue” what is the right choice for your space.

Wall coverings come in different qualities and materials; here are some tips on how to choose the right one and what effect you should expect:

* Vinyl is the most popular. It is made with a continuous flexible film, often applied over a fabric or paper backing. It is easy to install and easy to clean. It can come in thousands of patterns and colors. You want a theme or just a pattern? Here is your answer.

* Foil or Mylar is a reflective covering coated with a thin, flexible metallic film. It tends to brighten and open up dark spaces. It requires careful handling and perfect preparation of the surface because it tends to reveal wall flaws.

* Fabric wall coverings are usually made of woven textiles. They soften and bring texture to the room, yet they are hard to clean. Most common in formal rooms.

* Natural wall coverings such as grass-cloth, hemp, and other natural weaves, are great materials to bring texture and depth to the wall. They cover wall flaws really well and need to be professionally installed.

* Flocked wall coverings are patterned with raised fibers suggesting a look and “hand” of velvet. When using flocked wall coverings, avoid brushing and check washing instructions. Other than that, they are great for camouflaging wall imperfections.

* Embossed wall coverings are stamped with a relief pattern featuring stylized designs that simulate raised moldings made out of wood, plaster, tile, or leather. Embossed wall coverings are very durable and they can be painted or re-painted and they cover wall defects well. They create beautiful effects on ceilings and bathrooms. When installing never use a seem roller; for better results a professional installer is recommended.

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