Using Sports Wall Murals to Decorate Basement Bars


One of the most interesting home décor trends we’re seeing these days is wall murals, especially in in-home or basement bars. Many homeowners are building what has become known as “man caves.” These are spaces in a home, typically in the basement, set aside for them and them only. They can hold poker games each week or gather for the big game. Basement bars are perfect for entertaining, no matter what kind of event your significant other is hosting. More men are even decorating these manly places with artwork that expresses their interests, taste, and style, and that includes life-sized pictures of their favorite quarterback or even a panoramic view of their team’s stadium or ballpark. Sports wall muralsare more popular than ever thanks the emergence of these man caves.

Before you can decorate your basement bar with sports wall murals, you have to design your man cave. Some things to keep in mind as you’re going through the design process: make sure you have plumbing, some electrical outlets, durable cabinets, and creative lighting. The bar itself should be about 42 inches high, although that may depend on how tall the man of the house is. The side of the bar at which your guests will sit should have room for a couple of bar stools or other kind of seating. Your side should be next to a wall on which you can put shelves. No basement bar is complete without sports wall murals. You can use a wall picture as a replacement for an expensive mirror that is typically found behind a bar. While it is the traditional adornment for a bar, a mirror can date what should be an exciting, hip place to hang around.

Sports wall murals are affordable and install easily no matter where you’d like to put it. Find a variety of these man cave accessories at VisionBedding’s website at If you haven’t found the right sports wall murals yet, you may want to browse through the company’s offerings. VisionBedding has a wide assortment of wall murals ideal for a basement bar, whether you’re mainly interested in sports, fishing, tropics, or anything else you can think of.

Once you found your ideal sports wall murals, hire a wallpaper hanger or do the installation yourself. It’s fun and easy to do on your own, but you may want to hire a professional if you’re not handy at all. If you take on the project yourself, just make sure you follow the instructions given by VisionBedding.

Sports wall murals continue to be a popular, stylish home decorating choice. They are a sure way to make your man cave stand out in the crowd. You’ll impress your buddies who will think you spent much more on the wall mural than you did. A well-designed, mural-clad basement bar is one of the greatest spaces in which to gather and to make memories. Make that space even more special with a wall mural.

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