Room wallpaper- Choosing themes for your Room wallpaper


Since the walls are the largest surface of your house, it’s very important to take into consideration the kind of impression it gives anyone who enters your room. The overall impact mainly relies on the type of furniture, d?cor, and wallpaper borders. But, do they compliment each other? Or do they contrast and make your room look ‘confused’? The overall design of your room basically boils down to one concern: Do I have the right wallpapers? Picking up the appropriate wall d?cor is basic to add up glare to your room and for beautifying home’s walls as well.

You can actually leave out the position of your furniture. Or you can also purchase some add-ons for your room. But if you’re contented with the way things are; a simple task of changing or putting on the suitable wallpaper border is a great help. Here are the factors to think over:

-Recognize your existing theme.
Ask yourself: What kind of influence or concept does my room currently have? Is it modern? What are the dominant hues and effects? The wallpaper borders should not be a compromise with your room.

-Consult an interior designer or read home interior design magazines.
You can consult an interior designer or read home d?cor oriented magazines to help you pick up the proper color and add styles that will suit well with specific motifs. However, bear in mind that doing so would cost you some money.

-Name your top five.
When already have an idea on what designs you want for your room, list down your top five designs. Ask for some samples from the seller. Then temporarily install the pieces of wallpapers on your walls for several days. Try to see which style suits your personality and style well. Which among the designs gives me the most satisfaction?

-Consider the condition of your walls.
Get to know your walls better. Know what type of surface they possess. While curved walls are best with striped wallpapers, irregularly shaped room is perfect with floral designed wallpapers.

-Get the measurement of your room.
When you have made up your mind, determine the size of your room of your room. On this way, you can distinguish on how many rolls would fit. Be sure to order an extra roll for future reapplication and repair.

Now, everything is set. You’re ready to breath in the fresh and cozy appeal of your room courtesy of the new wallpaper borders. Happy living!

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