Should You Use Wallpaper in a Bathroom?


A lot of people worry about whether or not they can use wallpaper in the bathroom. The answer is yes. Just don’t use it in areas of the bathroom where there is prolonged contact with water.

Wallpaper is a great way to add colour to any bathroom. Before you choose your paper design you should bear in mind the style of your bathroom. For example you may have a Victorian bathroom and just want to restore that. Or an Art Deco bathroom. Look for wallpaper that would be in keeping with whatever style you have decided on. Some people opt for most of the bathroom being papered. The majority of us will mix tiles, cladding or paint with the wallpaper. Try not to mix too many coverings though as your bathroom can begin to look cluttered. Even one wall decorated with a stylish print or bright paint can make a dull or boring bathroom look completely different. It is very easy to transform your bathroom with wallpaper. You can then buy some lovely accessories that compliment the new wallpaper.

Matching luxury towels and a new rug can add some style often for relatively little cost. If you then freshen the bathroom suite up by having it resurfaced by The Bath Business your bathroom can look like a designer showroom in very little time.

The main benefit of Bathroom wallpaper is that it will hide imperfections in the wall a bit better than paint. If the wall is in really bad condition however even the best wallpaper cannot disguise this and it is best to have the wall plastered before any paper is hung.

There are ranges of wallpaper designed specifically to cope with the steamy conditions of a bathroom. These papers are usually vinyl-based and will withstand splashes. They should not be used in any place where they will come into prolonged contact with water. So around the bath or shower isn’t ideal. If you have a free-standing bath that has lots of room around it then it can work, or a Shower that is encased in glass. Generally those area are often best tiled whilst the rest of the bathroom is painted or papered.

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