Textured Wallpaper For Interior Decor


At the height of today’s minimalist approach in interior decorating where sleek lines and surfaces rule supreme, it is interesting to note that the time-honored textured wallpaper is making a huge comeback in both traditional and contemporary homes. Although it doesn’t replace paint as the primary wall enhancer, this embossed variety of wallpaper has garnered new fans as home renovation projects get more and more complicated with each passing day. Credit it to the homeowners who want to personalize their abodes or simply meet some requirements that have previously escaped their notice. Many have turned to wallpapers for interesting new looks which they can apply to their homes.

The textured wallpaper has a long history of use; a fact which later makes it a decoration of choice for the members of the upper class. Nonetheless, despite its remarkably refined appeal and old-time charm, this type of wallpaper has continued to evolve into designs that can fit any budget and style preferences. And contrary to what it used to be-that is, mainly for the aesthetics-the embossed wallpaper variety now looks more into purpose than merely displaying a feast for the eyes.

Wallpapers with embossed surfaces are generous in advantages. By choosing embossed wallpapers for adorning the walls, you do not only redefine the look of the house but also help improve the way you live. How? Here is a list of benefits that one may discover from the installation of such wallpapers:

Durable-Some of the world’s most famous buildings still have the ancient wallpapers attached to their centuries-old walls, a living proof that these wall decors can defy destructive elements caused by time and weather. Unlike paint, which visibly begins to flake in five years’ time, the embossed wallpaper can last for longer than 10 years in place.

Hides Wall Imperfections-Embossed wallpapers can easily do a camouflage for the unwanted flaws found on the wall’s surface. If the wall has bumps or cracks, paint alone won’t be able to cover them. The textured designs in wallpapers help in concealing the wall imperfections, thereby eliminating the need to put cement on them like most homeowners used to do with flawed surfaces.

Defines Depth and Dimensions-Depending on the pattern and color of the surface, the embossed wallpaper can shift the depth and dimensions of the room. For example, if you want to install embossed wallpaper that has small patterns, you can expect it to transform your room into a wider space.
Paint-Ready – This quality is limited to those which only feature the embossed patterns and without any trace of color. Embossed wallpapers that can be painted are ideal for those who want to synchronize the color around the house.

Intricate Tactile Designs-Today’s line of wallpapers that have textured surfaces now features glass crystals, metal beads, mica and pearls. Such wallpaper designs easily draw a visual interest from the viewers.
Cost-Effective – If you consider the maintenance cost for painted walls, you’ll know that you’re better off with wallpaper. Textured wallpaper can resist scratching, peeling and discoloration for a good deal of time.

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