Thibaut Masters Geometrics in Woven Resource Volume 7: Companions


Thibaut masters geometrics in Woven Resource Volume 7: Companions, a collection of textural wovens whose colorways coordinate with other Thibaut color palettes. These soft-edge patterns come range from small to medium-scale and are intended for upholstery use.

Named after the father of the puppies in “101 Dalmatians,” Pongo is a fresh animal print in a small, usable scale and unique, faux-gros point construction. Available in many clean and bright Thibaut colors.

Inspired by an African textile, kuba cloth, Kuba plays with positive negative fi gure/ground relationship. The cotton surface gives it a soft, chenille-like hand to this primitive geometric shape.

Delilah is a a three-color woven fabric characterized by texture. The dobby weave structure highlights this small, geometric pattern.

Inspired by needlepoint design, Nexus has a preppy look and color line. This fabric is ideal for crisp, tailored upholstered applications.

A classic vermicelli pattern, Virtuoso is important to the collection because of its rounded forms and range of movement. Chenille yard gives a plush, comfortable feel.

Octavio is a thick, multidirectional pattern with lots of surface dimension. White cotton yarn accents the wide range of neutral and colored grounds. This pattern is a bit smaller scale for usability.

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