Pattern 162: The Story Behind The Name

At the height of the Gilded Age, Schumacher’s silk damasks were the most sought-after textiles. The opulent designs reflected the demand for high quality goods and the popularity of Louis XVI style at that time. Among the luxurious lampas offerings was Pattern 162.

Schumacher introduced Pattern 162 in 1895 and it went on to be the longest running Schumacher design to date, in production for over one hundred years, until 2006.

Throughout its history, the French classical damask has made noteworthy appearances in prominent establishments, confirming Schumacher as a luxury brand with European roots. Famed decorator Ogden Codman upholstered the walls and draped the windows of Governor George Peabody Wetmore’s grand Chateau-sur-Mer with the original green colorway in 1897. The following year, the Waldorf Astoria commissioned the first custom color, DuBarry Rose, to line the walls of its elegant dining room.

A tribute to Schumacher’s passion for beauty and unwavering commitment to quality, Pattern 162 remains a jewel of the company’s extensive archive and a cornerstone of the brand’s rich history.                                   Chateau-Sur-Mer-Green-parlor-HRBruton-Damask-Pattern-162-DuBarry-Rose

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