Lee Jofa Introduces Fabric Collection with James Huniford

Lee J6a00e5514c4b60883401bb07e90614970d-800wiofa is proud to announce the launch of a fabric collection from interior designer James Huniford. The collection consists of textured solids and subtle patterns, building on Huniford’s penchant for pure materials, clean lines and subtle details. Huniford’s elegant pared-down style shines through in the wonderfully soft and supple textures like velvet, mohair, cotton chenille and washed linen, offered in a range of stone, ivory, slate, celery and lavender.

This exclusive collection, Huniford’s first with Lee Jofa, will identify with his design philosophy, “Interiors should be tailored to how people live.” The types of fabrics within the collection are designed to stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally. Many of the fabrics in the James Huniford collection are available through a new program called Lee Jofa Express, a beneficial solution created for time sensitive projects.

“In today’s world, my clients have busy schedules,” said Huniford. “Having the option to work with an in-stock product allows designers to focus on the best possible outcome regardless of time constraints – from both an aesthetic and quality perspective. It was exciting to create beautiful, luxury fabrics that, just like with the best fashion, are for once immediately available.”

These luxurious fabrics suit rooms for every taste, from a farm house in the country to an apartment in the city to a beachside retreat. The James Huniford for Lee Jofa collection is currently available in showrooms nationwide and through our network of road representatives.       6a00e5514c4b60883401b7c745552a970b-800wi

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