Pink Romance

Take Back Your Favorite Shade

Pink is making a comeback in 2016. The shade previously reserved for little girl’s rooms and outdated bathrooms has taken on a new life. Pink has become a new neutral, perfect for adding a hint of color to the white rooms we’ve been seeing the past few years.
With rose quartz named one of the colors of the year, we are more ready than ever to embrace this chic shade.

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Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the hottest trends of the moment. It’s a fresh take on the metallic gold designs of the past few years. The versatile finish can be paired with vintage or modern decor to match  your personal style.



Florals are always in style, but this year we’re seeing more subdued shades that go well with simple pieces and understated decor. Instead of the hot pink and black combo, blush and sage green are the key colors.



Pink and lace are both things that have been labeled the dreaded “frilly” in the past. Now these two classics have combined to form something that is far from that. Heritage lace patterns are done in cool shades of dove grey and antique blush, bringing back the classic elegance of the designs.



Watercolors are another one of the hottest trends of the season. This soft design ties in with the comeback of handmade products. When done in chic pink shades, watercolors take on a romantic feel, with the hazy shades gracefully flowing from one to the next.



As vintage pieces have come back into style in fashion, they’ve also been appearing in  home decor. The nod to the past allows for a greater range of decor pieces. This vintage pink floral wallpaper has a chic watercolor finish, tying in the last trend, with a contemporary stripe pattern. The mixture of styles creates an eclectic style you can make all your own.

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