Design Board of the Week: Bathroom Makeover- It’s All in the Details

Bathroom Makeover: It’s All in the Details

23 August 2017

Untitled design

When designing a room, we tend to think that less is more. Small details, such as a fun wallpaper or fabric, can make a big impact in a small space. People tend to shy away from texture and patterns, but we think it is the best way to add visual interest to a space.

Wallpaper is something that has really made its comeback in the last 5 years. The tacky 80’s wallpaper that people normally think of is a thing of the past; wallpaper now has endless color, pattern, and texture options. Wallpaper is not only for higher-end budgets either; you can find wallpaper now for every budget you are working with. Schumacher is a popular wallpaper and fabric manufacturer that has really taken the industry by storm with their unique patterns and colors. This Schumacher pattern (below; Acanthus Stripe-5006056), is definitely a favorite. It has a soft color way with a delicate, simple pattern that can bring warmth to any space. The pattern gives enough visual interest without looking busy.

schu blog pic wallpaper
Schumacher-Acanthus Stripe 5006056

Fabric is another way to spice up your bathroom. It can be used for a fun shower curtain or for window panels to add privacy. Schumacher has a great variety of fun and playful patterns as well as subtle and neutral ones. This Schumacher fabric (below; Lautrec Sheer Ecru-64991), is so subtle, yet it complements everything else in this space. Neutral fabrics with small prints are great for small spaces, because your space won’t feel as crowded or busy.

Schu Fabric 2.jpg
Schumacher-Lautrec Sheer Ecru 64991

Another way to liven up your space, is with small decor pieces that make a big impact. Wall decor, rugs, and small accessories are a great way to add your own personal touch and style. Surya is one of my favorite manufacturers for fun decor items. This 100% wool rug in orange (below; Surya Aiden:AEN-1003) is a fun way to brighten up a small space while still providing warmth. Decorating with complementary colors is a great way to add some fun pops of color.

surys rug.png
Surya Aiden AEN-1003

This fun silver mirror for above the vanity (Below; Surya Chaucer: CUC-001) adds great texture without overpowering the space. Mirrors are also a great way to make a small room seem bigger and brighter than it really is.

Surys Mirror.png
Surya Chaucer CUC-001

Pictures are one of my favorite ways to add color and personality to a room. You can use pictures from your favorite vacation spot or even free ones that you can find on Pinterest. I chose these pictures from Surya (below; Surya Eternal-BL128C-001 and BL108C-001) because of their black and white print and the fun pop of metallic gold in the frames.

Surya wall art.png
Surya Eternal-BL128C-001
Surys Wall art 2.png
Surya Eternal-BL108C-001








You don’t have to be an Interior Designer to make your space look and feel amazing. With some simple tips and tricks, you can redesign your space to make it your own. If you need help with designing your space or even just picking out wallpaper or fabric, feel free to call our design showroom to speak with a customer service agent.


*All of the items from Surya and both the wallpaper and fabric can be bought through Mahone’s Wallpaper Shop at a discounted cost. Check out our newly updated website to see all of the wallpaper and fabric options that we offer.






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