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In Memory of My Grandmother And The Wallpaper She Loved

I guess you could say that wallpaper has always been a part of my life when you consider I have been a part of a family wallpaper business since I was 20 years old. The third generation now carries on a tradition that has served Lynchburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas for almost fifty years. […]
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Ways to Choose Best Home D√©cor

When we think in the term “modern” we look at a specific way of searching at items, rather than an actual physical appearance. But, in actuality, “modern” means that something or someone has an potential to be adaptive when it comes to transform and one particular with the greatest assets of human nature is being […]
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Home Decor and Accessories

Never skimp on tools. It is a false economy to choose the cheapest as you will find they don’t do the job. There is nothing more infuriating and disruptive than having to pick bristles off paintwork as a cheap brush moults. So invest in the main brands and take care of your tools, cleaning them […]
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Geometric Resource 2

Thibaut Design has just released their new book Geometric Resource 2! Be sure to check it out at Give us a call at 877-316-9930 for more information.

Roommates By York.

¬†Roommates by York is full of fast, easy, and inexpensive ways to update the look of your home. These all come prepasted which makes a sometimes difficult job easy and and when its time to take it down and redecorate, it wont damage your walls. Its full of great wallpaper, peel and stick decor, Murals, […]
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Friday Favorites

I love a good estate or yard sale! One of my favorite things to do is get up early on Saturday mornings with my husband and scour our little city for great deals on things that I can repurpose around my home. This week we have been pinning things that are easy repurposing projects for […]
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